What is SnatchIT?

SnatchIT is a online product inventory network that connects wholesalers and reseller in “ONE” click. SnatchIT has integrated with all social media platforms and been allowed to list the products you choose to sell.

What happens if the product is damaged and can it be returned?

Yes all products can be returned unless the vendor/supplier has listed it “AS IS” and show damages in the pictures or description.

Can I list my own pallets, overstocks, return or my own products to see?


How much does it cost to list a product?


Who pays shipping?

The Reseller should charge their buyer or include it in their relist price.

Who handles shipping?

The Dropshippers or Vendor/Suppliers

Can I buy if I’m not a member?

Yes; But not at wholesale pricing 

Is your site secure?


How do I get paid as a Snatcher?

You are responsible for getting payment from your end customer. 

How do I get paid as a Vendor/Supplier

You are paid before the product is shipped via Snatchit.com with the reseller form of payment kept on file.

Do I need a Reseller license?

Yes; We provide upon signing up.

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